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Lemonardo Da Moote

about me

Idris Mootee (AKA Lemonardo Da Moote), is a fine art painter, a creative guru and a master design thinker. Not in any particular order.

about my art

Creating art is one of the defining characteristics of the human species, art helps us to understand our past and shape our future. Art spans time. A portrait or landscape, painting, dance or ritual that was beautiful, meaningful and important thousands of years ago still is so today. His inspirations come from old master in and 18th and 19th centuries and updated with his modern interpretation while retaining the original brush strokes.

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If you are a curator and wants to find out about his work? If you want to ask questions about commissioning or you are an event organizer and want to rent his work for hotels or corporate/ trade events? If you are a collector and wants to acquire his work? You can get in touch with him using the contact form or through Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin messaging. Follow his Instagram: Idriscouture. Merci de visiter mon site d'art.


more about the artist

Idris’s oil paintings are inspired by famous painters spanning several centuries, from Rococo and Impressionism, to Post-Impressionism and Surrealism. Impressionism interested him in particular, thanks to its nineteenth century beginnings as a reaction against industrialization, where it received harsh opposition from the art community in France.

Idris sees his work as a movement to reflect the technolization of our lives and to manipulate a sense of reality while re-contextualizing what is considered “normal.” They are mash-ups sometimes accented with post-impressionist explosions of colors and textures. Many of his works question and blur the boundaries and intersections between the real, unreal, and the semi-real; they are a profound artistic interpretation and an edgy reflection of our modern-day lifestyles and our obsession with desirable objects.

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